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66 ft - 22 metres - the length of a cricket pitch.

1 1/2 bullock hides

24 hrs to make, made over 3 weekends.

Richard plaited all four of his children names into the belly of the whip.  

Shovel handle for a handle.

17kgs total weight.

Big Bertha II was made by Richard Taubman at Murringo during May 2005 and is the second one made by him,

Richard used one and a half large bullock hides tanned as "Redhide". There are three whips in one.

The first was fifteen feet long, the second whip was 28 feet which was plaited over the first.

Both of these were four plait whips. The final whip, which totalled sixty six feet in length, was an 8 plait overlay completing the whip. A shovel handle has been used for the handle.

The longest strands in the whip were four of seventy five feet.

The whip took 24hrs to plait over 6 days.

This type of whip was used as a crowd drawer during hawking trips by Richard through the North of Australia during the 1980's, 1990's and today.This follows in the footsteps of the late Syd Bayliss of Tumut, NSW.

Syd had travelled and hawked the same country during the 1930's. 

The Big whip is a trademark of Richard's and goes with him every where.


Richard Taubman cracking the big whip out the front of the Taubman and Webb Trading Post for some customers.

Richard's son Scotty Taubman demonstrating how to crack the whip on Brunette Downs Cattle station in the Northern Territory.

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