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One Day in 1973, a tall Australian bushman walked into a homestead on a property near Young in New South Wales and into a young lad's life. There was nearly sixty years' difference their ages... but that day started a mate ship that shines throughout this fascinating, entertaining and timeless book.

The bushman, Syd Bayliss, was one of the last... a man who fought many wars, from the Battle of the Somme through the battle to prove himself on the old cattle stations of Australia's North into the 1920's to the battle of surviving in the outback Australia in the Depression.

The boy, Richard Taubman, has since become a man and he writes with a deep affection of the man who taught him so much about the life and the ways of those times. Syd Bayliss gives reality to the legends of the Australian outback. He travelled nearly every road and he did it the hard way. He learnt early in life how to turn moments of great hardship, danger or loss into wry laconic humour that could be shared around a campfire in the company of strangers.

To read about this man and the difficult but rewarding life that he led is to understand so much more about the Australian character. The dry humour of his stories and the respect he and his young mate bore for each other make this book unique and finally a compelling read.

Books can be purchased for $25.00 AUD at the Taubman and Webb Trading Post in Murringo NSW, At La Bella Fay Beauty and Bridal in Hall, ACT and via email. 

Please send us an email if you wish to purchase this wonderful book. Postage available world wide.

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